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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pietro Benedetti

Rescue operation of the Italian flagged cargo ship "Pietro Benedetti"
On 13th of September while sailing close to Flores Island this vessel suffer a technical malfunction that resulted in an engine failure, leaving the ship with no power on its engine. The tug "Ilha de São Luís" and the Portuguese Navy corvette " Baptista de Andrade" arrived for rescue on the 14th of September. The vessel was being towed to Praia port, although the tug "O Bravo" from Praia was on the way for helping as well! Arriving on the scene on the day 15 of this month!

The vessel was sailing form the US (Houston?!) continent to Spain (La Corunha) (don't have confirmation of this) 

Here are some of the photos of their arrival at Terceira island

The tugboat "Ilha de São Luís" towing the cargo ship arriving early in the morning.

Sunrise with the tug "O Bravo" joined with his twin ("O Bravo" had to return on the 16th of september to Praia to assist the cement carrier "Cement Courier"  

"O Bravo" trying to hook a cable from the cargo ship!

The two tugs maneuvering carefully the vessel outside the harbor bay!

"Ilha de São Luís" on front towing the vessel! While the "O Bravo" was on the opposite direction!

This maneuvering was very dedicated and was executed very slowly...remember this vessel has no power...almost ten thousand tons of steel.....

Date - 2015-09-17

This vessel was identical (twin) to this one - Thorco Asia

Operator - Setramar - Ravenna, Italy
Name - Pietro Benedetti
Year - 2012
Flag - Italian 
IMO - 9580780
Status - As 17th September moored at praia's port (Terceira Island) wainting for repair

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