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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Íris do Mar

Date of the photograph - 2014-02-13

Operator - ?
Type - Fishing vessel > 21m
Name -  Íris do Mar
Year - 1991
Flag - Portuguese
IMO - 8906432
Status - Active
Tonnage (GT) - 163GT
Deadweight tonnage (Dwt) -96t 
Length - 28m
Beam - 8m
Draught - ?
Propulsion 1
Speed - ? 
Capacity - ?
Crew - at least 16

Photographic report about this fishing ship that was trying to moor at the fishing port at Cabo da Praia. It was a hard job because of the winds and strong currents. They try inumerous times to moored the ship without success. For two times that the vessel was obligated to go outside the fishing bay and enter again. After a while the captiain manage to moor the ship. And I must say what a brave and skillfull captain he his!! Well done "Skip".

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